Provider Membership is available to facilities licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and engaged in the direct provision of adult day services. Provider Members are voting members of the Association and are entitled to receive full benefits of membership as may be prescribed from time to time by the Association.

Please note -when calculating dues for Provider Membership two options are available: (a) Join each location under a separate Provider Membership, which is based upon the licensed capacity for that location, as listed on the DHSS license. Each Provider Membership will receive the same membership benefits as described above. Dues for each location are stated below and include a listing in the MoADSA Directory.

  • 0-24 clients – $200
  • 25-39 clients – $300
  • 40-59 clients – $400
  • 60-85 clients – $500
  • 86+ clients – $600

(b) Join each location under one Provider Membership and include the total licensed capacity from all locations in your dues calculation. Dues are based on the the providers licensed capacity shown on the DHSS license. This entitles the Provider Member one vote for all locations and only one listing for all locations in the MoADSA Directory.

Affiliate Membership is limited to individuals or entities associated with the adult day services industry who support or provide services or products to adult day centers. Affiliate Members are not entitled to vote at meetings of the Association, but shall be entitled to receive such benefits as may be prescribed from time to time by the Association. Dues for Affiliate Membership are $125. Providers cannot join as an Affiliate Member.

Provisional Membership is limited to adult day service organizations that are in the process of being licensed by the Sate of Missouri.  Provisional Members are not entitle to vote at meetings of the Association.  Dues for Provisional Membership are $100.

2016 Membership Application – click here
2016 Directory Form – click here
2017 Membership Application
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2017 Directory Formclick here
Payment Plan Options  and Letter of Invitation for New Members
Payment Plan Options and Letter of Renewal for Current Members

PayPal is available for payments.  Click on the link below.  Click on the “Send” link. Enter the email address: “” and then enter the amount due.  On the next screen click on “goods and services”.  Log-in to your account and you are ready to send your payment!  If you have questions please contact Diana Love at 573 634-3566 or

PayPal Checkout

When completing the application and directory form, be sure to:

  • Select the appropriate category of membership;
  • Type or print clearly;
  • Calculate your dues amount;
  • Sign the form, then;
  • Mail completed forms, making sure to enclose your payment, to MoADSA, 2420 Hyde Park Rd, Suite A, Jefferson City, MO 65109